Conveyancing costs

We want to be clear and transparent about our charges, and offer a competitive price, which allows us to be able to offer a high quality of service. 

For transactions up to £750,000 in value, our online quote gives you our costs and details of the disbursements that you can expect to incur if you choose to use our firm for your sale or purchase.


For transactions above £750,000 a bespoke estimate will be needed. This will be referred directly to us, and we will provide it to you by email.


In the event of any unforeseen issues arising in the process of your business with us, for example title defects, the time spent of any additional work incurred by us in this respect would be charged at our reduced hourly rate of £100 per hour plus VAT. We would make you aware of the unforseen issues and agree the cost of the same before commencing any such work.