A Will is a legal document that conveys the wishes of the person making the Will (the testator) in respect of all their assets and property (the estate) after death


Your estate is likely to include personal possessions and assets that your administrator (executor) will need to deal with such as land, property, bank accounts, pension funds, insurance funds, and digital assets among others.  

By making a Will, you can leave your own set of instructions stating how you wish your estate to be administered, and who will be your (beneficiaries) such a specific family members or an organisation of your choosing.

You can make a Will yourself or use a budget online provider, however by using the services of Holden & Co LLP, you reduce the risk of the Will being drafted incorrectly and or not being validly executed. 

As is often the case with budget providers or DIY wills, mistakes may not be identified untill it is too late.


At what may be a difficult time for your loved ones,  your executor will have to sort out these mistakes which can be costly and  could reduce the amount of money left in your estate. Mistakes can be costly.

Choosing Holden & Co LLP means that you can be confident that your Will is drawn up under the supervision of a solicitor and an expereinced team of ample knowledge of this are of law.