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Any recruitment agency that wishes to present candidates to Holden and Co should understand that they will need to meet some of our terms and conditions if they wish to introduce staff to us.

Holden and Co will not pay success fees in advance or as a lump sum.

Holden and Co will expect to receive details of the precise commission rate from the recruitment agent in advance of concluding an agreement with a candidate. A commission rate will then be agreed that is mutually acceptable ("The commission")

"The commission" will not be paid until a candidate has signed their employment contract and has begun work with the firm. In the event of the candidate being asked to join the firm on a trial period, no payment is due until the successful completion of the trial period.  Trial period will be limited to 3 months.

"The commissions" will be payable over 4 equal quarters. The first quarter will then be paid after the successful completion of a 4 week trial period by the candidate, assuming that they have signed their contract. If a contract has not been signed then "the commission" will not be paid until a signed contract shall have been received by Holden and Co from the candidate.

No further payment will be payable until the second quarter. For the avoidance of doubt, that is 3 months after the first payment.

In the event of the candidate leaving the employment before the expiry of a year from the date of their appointment, payment of any outstanding commission will cease and a portion of monies paid will be repayable to the firm pro-rata.

Recruitment agencies are deemed to accept these terms when submitting candidates. Any contrary terms within the recruitment agency's own terms are deemed to have been expressly varied to take account of Holden and Co's terms and all contracts with Holden and Co shall be implied to include all of the above variations

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