Employment Tribunal Matter Pricing

Initially we will see you at a half hour appointment at a cost of £75 to determine whether you have a reasonable chance of success and whether we will take on your case.

Our matters involving employment tribunals for employees are dealt with under a Damages Based Agreement. Under this agreement our costs will be 35% of the sum recovered. These costs will cover all work done on your case. In addition, you would be liable to pay any disbursements we might incur for on your behalf, which usually comprise of travel costs for our solicitor and yourself.

For employers, we charge at our usual hourly rates which can be found on the Our Costs link.

To give you a guide to the timescale involved, firstly you would need to come to us within 3 months of dismissal (or other problem), your issue would go to ACAS which takes about 2 months, we would then file proceedings which takes 6-8 weeks to be processed. Then it takes about 5-7 months to get a hearing. It may then take several weeks for the Tribunal to give its judgement. A typical straightforward case often takes about 6 months from your initial appointment to completion but may vary due to the workload on the tribunal system.

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