Our Commitment


We try to set ourselves standards against which others can judge our work. We will strive to do the following for you:

  • We will strive to respond in writing to your letters within 5 working days of receipt of your letter by us.
  • We will strive to return your call within 3 working days if you ask for a response and leave us a contact number that you can be contacted on.
  • We will strive to offer you a routine appointment within 14 days. Clearly if the matter is urgent we will endeavour to see you sooner.

Please bear in mind that we have to balance what may seem urgent to you within a framework of court and other requirements. Most advisors are in court for a large amount of their time and we may not always be able to achieve the aims that we set for ourselves. Please bear with us in those cases.

Our normal hours of business are between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm on weekdays. Messages left on our answer phones will be passed to fee earners on the next business day. On rare occasions where the need arises appointments may be made outside of these hours.We will communicate with clients regularly about their transaction and discuss and agree with them the action being taken at relevant points in time. If the transaction involves the preparation of any statements and/or documents on the client's behalf, we will check these for the client and obtain agreement to such before the final version is produced. Hopefully, clients will always know what is happening in their matter, although if they do have queries about the up-to-date position or future progress, they should contact the persons dealing who will answer such request within a reasonable time. Whether we are contacting a client or a client is contacting us, it preferably should be in writing on durable paper to enable both the client and ourselves to have a readily available record of the exchange of communication.In circumstances where emergency or shortage of time or nature of communication necessitates an oral communication, this will be undertaken usually upon the telephone and a contemporaneous note will be kept by us. A copy of this note or printed minutes of such will be provided where it is relevant to do so.

Where personal consultation is required, we will make contemporaneous trigger notes and a copy of the same or printed minutes of the meeting and the advice given will be provided when relevant. Whilst we will accept and send faxed communications, this will be exceptional and we cannot in advance undertake any responsibility to deal with incoming messages by telephone or fax in priority to other work on the day of receipt but will assign a priority to dealing with the same upon the commencement of business on the next working day.

It is imperative that as a client you keep us informed at all times of your current address and telephone numbers for communication and about any changes.

In the unlikely event that we fall short of your expectations please contact your advisor in the first place to see what can be done to rectify any misunderstanding.

Should you still be dissatisfied please write with your concerns to the Practice Manager. We would hope that he would then be able to investigate your complaint and reach a satisfactory conclusion with you. He would aim to respond to you after having carried out such investigation as is called for within 14 days. The Practice Manager in some instances will put together a special panel of members of the firm if your complaint is complex. This is at the Practice Manager's discretion.

If thereafter you still have a complaint then you should address the same in writing to the complaints partner within the firm namely Mr J Holden who is based at the Hastings offices. He will investigate the matter and write to you hopefully to resolve the issue that concerns you. Again he would hope to investigate your concerns and respond to you within 14 days.

Please note our complaint procedure set out on this website

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