Our Charges

The present hourly rates applied within the firm are set out below

  • Partners and Senior Solicitors £220.00
  • Assistant Solicitors/Legal Executive over 4 years experience £195.00
  • Assistant Solicitors/Legal Executive under 4 years experience £165.00
  • Trainee Solicitor/Legal Executive £120.00

Each partner, solicitor and other fee earner's time is charged out at an hourly rate which reflects overhead costs. Routine letters sent out by the firm are charged at 6 minutes per page, telephone calls in 6 minute units and consideration of letters received at 3 minutes per page. When the instructions of the client necessarily require that interviews, inspections or other work is carried out, outside normal hours or our offices, Holden & Co reserve the right to increase the level of charge to the hourly rate charged for such work but will inform you of their decision on this before undertaking the same.If the matter proves abortive (does not proceed), it will be charged on a pro-rata rate for the work done, based again on the hourly charging rate shown below. This will include attendances upon you and others; any time spent travelling; considering, preparing and working on papers and correspondence and making and receiving telephone calls.

The hourly rates referred to above are normally reviewed annually and take effect from 1st May to reflect changes in salary and other overhead costs. Details of these rates or any revision occurring during the continuance of a transaction will appear on this site. These rates may not be appropriate in cases of exceptional complexity or urgency. Where it becomes apparent that such circumstances exist, Holden & Co reserve the right to cease acting for you unless revised rates are agreed in substitution for future work.

We offer fixed fee conveyancing and wills and conditional fee agreements on most civil litigation.

We offer flexible terms for payment of costs including regular standing orders or payment schemes. We may ask that you sign a commitment to us to meet our fees and give us some security if the case is likely to be expensive and you can not afford to meet the fees all at once

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