Our Staff Details

Here you will find contact details of our staff :
  • Jo Holden   Managing Partner/Solicitor/Housing Law       law@holdenandco.co.uk
  • Robert Denman   Partner/Barrister                                    denmanr@holdenandco.co.uk
  • Andy Gregory      Costings                                                gregorya@holdenandco.co.uk
  • Victoria Kean       Chartered Legal Executive FCILEx/      keanv@holdenandco.co.uk
  •                                      Conveyancing
  • Amy Millard          Caseworker/Conveyancing                   millarda@holdenandco.co.uk
  • Sandra Joe-Ejim   Solicitor/Family Law                             joeejims@holdenandco.co.uk 
  • Mike Jones           Solicitor/Crime                                      jonesm@holdenandco.co.uk
  • Amani Mohammed   Legal Counsel/Family Law               mohammeda@holdenandco.co.uk
  • Russ Brasington  Consultant Solicitor/Commercial           brasingtonr@holdenandco.co.uk
  •                                     Property and Probate
  • Kristy Strouts       Solicitor/Family Law                              stroutsk@holdenandco.co.uk
  • Shakiba Shelley   Paralegal/Family Law                           shelleys@holdenandco.co.uk

Our Partners are Jo Holden, Robert Denman & Holden Law Ltd. Jo Holden is a Director of Holden Law Ltd, Gayle Benet is the Company Secretary. All partners are members of Holden and Co LLP.

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